Yes! Unlike other companies in the market Sea-IT is formulated by our own chemist in Manurewa, Auckland in our own warehouse. We do not contract another company to design the formula and make it. 


Sea-It is made by Kiwis for Kiwis

Yes! Sea-IT is perfect for flushing your engine out. Unlike some other brands in the market Sea-It is non corrosive and is safe to use on all rubbers, alloy and metals and safely removes the salt build up in your engines cooling systems.

Sea-It salt wash can be used on any material! Sea-It is non-Corrosive and is completely safe to use on your Aluminium, Fibre Glass, Steel, and other Boats. Sea-It salt wash and engine flush does not effect paint or clear coats.

Been on the beach or launched your boat? Sea-It can be used on your 4×4 as it’s fantastic at removing salt from those hard to reach places. Simply Spray it up under your truck or car, leave it for 5 minutes and rinse. 

Yes Sea-It is New Zealand made! We’re manufactured here in Auckland, our bottles are also New Zealand made and manufactured from 50% recycled milk bottles!

Yes Sea-It is Readily Biodegradable! What does that mean? Unlike other brands that are “Biodegradable” Sea-It actually breaks down with in 28 days whereas other “Biodegradable” brands in the market take years and years to break down and are harmful to the environment.

Yes it has been designed to clean and remove salt from anything that goes in or near a salty environment. Sea-IT is non-corrosive and safe  to use on your equipment 

30-40mls in our Sea-man Foamer is all you need to cleaner your boat or jet ski. We also recommend using the foamer on setting A or B to get the most economy out of your boat wash.

30-40mls in our Sea-man Flusher is all you need to flush your engine out and remove any salt from inside your jet ski, outboard or inboard boat engine.

Absolutely! We recommend using out Sea-It Rod and Reel Spray on your Rods and Reels to help fight corrosion and prevent the salt from getting into your gears and bearings.