Sea-It Engine Flush Starter Kit

$64.99 inc gst

Sea-It Outboard Engine & Motor Flush Starter Kit makes flushing your outboard or Jet Ski motor a breeze!

Starters Kit includes:
1 x Engine Flusher
1 x 1L Sea-It Salt Engine Flush

Flushing your outboard engine and jet ski engine with Sea-It Salt Removing Wash after use on the water helps protect your boat and ski from salt corrosion in the coolant system and helps keep your equipment going for longer.

Sea-It Salt Removing Engine Flush features and benefits:

  • Brass hose fittings for tight and non-leaking attachments
  • Made from tough and durable plastic
  • Helps remove salt from your engines coolant system
  • Concentration Selector on top of unit gives you the ability to choose what concentration you flush your outboard at

Sea-It Quick Step Guide to using the Sea-It Engine Flush Kit:

  1. Fit muffs to your engine ensuring they fit correctly & turn on the water and Run through engine until it runs warm out of the tell tail, turn engine off.
  2. Fill the sea-it engine flusher with 30ml of sea-it concentrate & fit the sea-it engine flusher to the muffs and reconnect water hose
  3. Restart the engine flushing sea it through the motor until bubbles appear out of every exit point.(approx 1 minute ) Turn engine off and then water off
  4. Let the engine sit with sea-it inside the cooling system for 5 mins to dissolve all the salt. Remove sea-it flusher from the engine and reconnect hose
  5. Turn water back on and restart engine with the flushing muffs on & Flush till the water is clear ensuring all the dissolved salt has been evacuated (approx 5-10 mins)
  6. Crack a beer and get into the filleting ?

Warning: Do not run motor without water at any stage.