Sea-man Foamer

$75.00 inc gst

Our Sea-Man Foamer makes washing down your asset a breeze! Simply attach the hose to the end, add your Sea-It Salt removing concentrate to the fill bowl, select your desired concentrate in our multi-selector and pull the trigger.

Give any surfaces with heavy soil marks a wipe down with a microfibre or form bristled brush and leave the Sea-It foam sit for 5 Minutes.

After 5 Minutes of waiting simply turn the Selector to 0 and rinse of your asset and you are good to go!

Sea-Man Foamer Features and Benefits:

  • Save time on washing your boat, vehicles, house and other equipment
  • Creates and spreads the sea-it salt removing wash evenly to cover move surface area
  • Saves on product as it mixes the water and concentrate for you as it sprays
  • Multi-selection gives you the ability to select what concentrate you spray at – We suggest 1:128 or A

For full instructions on how to put the foamer together visit our how to page here



Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Up the sea-it

Definitely the best cleaning product I’ve used and so easy to use, really good bank for buck too, so mean, sea it a product I’ll use for a very long time, in-fact till I sell all my fishing gear and that’s not happening soon 😂

Sea Man Foamer

Very very handy to wash the boat. Comes with a nozzle to spray the boat down with water, clip in the foamer to the nozzle, spray the boat down, make it all foamy then spray it down. Doesn’t get much easier. Very very awesome bit of kit. And Is very durable also

josh clark

simple idea but so effective works well great match with this natural salt removal product and great for the environment

Cleaning is a breeze

Reduce time and effort at the end of the day and leave the boat clean shiny and protected for the next outing, foamer uses just the right amount of concentration

Best foamer

Best foamer I've used has dilution ratios on the side and brass fittings